Telles Contractors

Framing Equipment

Framing with the right equipment allows us to perform our job safer, faster, and more efficiently, saving you time, money, and the health and safety of our team.

Meet Luiz Telles, your trusted visionary in structural framing excellence. Our unwavering mission is to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and integrity to builders, project managers, contractors, and homeowners alike.

Building on a legacy of over 100 projects and counting, Telles Contractors stands out as the epitome of luxury home framing expertise.

Since 2007, LH Telles Contractors Inc. has been a cornerstone of GTA’s construction landscape, consistently earning accolades for our personalized approach and unwavering professionalism.

Our commitment to transparency and attentive listening sets us apart, ensuring every project is infused with care.

Luiz and his dedicated team wholeheartedly invest themselves in every project as if it were their own.

Forging enduring bonds with clients based on trust and mutual respect is part of our commitment to you.

From cozy cottages in Muskoka to opulent estates in King City, we bring your dreams to life with precision.

No matter how grand the vision or small the detail,  Telles Contractors is equipped to handle it.

We are here to shape your aspirations into reality, crafting an outcome that surpasses all expectations.

Invite us to join you on this exciting journey, where excellence meets empathy and dreams take form.


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