The Atoner: Rudy sees himself as this after he shoots Eloise

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wholesale replica designer handbags Deadeye Dick Artistic License Physics: deliberately invoked; as Vonnegut points out in the preface, Neutron Bombs do a lot more damage than is suggested in the story, where a neutron bomb is dropped on Midland City and kills all its inhabitants, but leaves buildings intact. Asexuality: Rudy Waltz, the narrator, is asexual or, as he describes himself, a ‘neuter’. Word of God states that Rudy’s asexuality is supposed to represent Vonnegut’s declining sexuality. The Atoner: Rudy sees himself as this after he shoots Eloise Metzger. He becomes his parents’ sole carer, and only when he leaves Midland City for New York does he realise that he was doing this as a way to atone for his crime. Doomed Hometown: Midland City. Driven to Suicide: Celia Hoover, who commits suicide by eating Drano chips, which does so much damage to her body that her coffin has to be kept closed at her funeral. Why she commits suicide is never explained; it may be a result of her descent into madness due to drug abuse. Food Porn: many delicious sounding recipes are used as a framing device (although Vonnegut explains in the preface that he has tinkered around with the recipes, which are based on recipes from various real life cookbooks, and that they will not work if tried at home). They are also a reference to Rudy’s abilities as a cook, and how he feeds and cares for his family as a means of atoning for the damage he has done. Strange Syntax Speaker: Haitian Creole is said to only have a present tense, leading to some very odd grammar. Of course, it’s implied that the Haitians simply don’t bother trying to teach the American proper grammar.”He is dead?” he said in Creole. “He is dead,” I agreed. “What does he do?” he said. “He paints,” I said. “I like him,” he said wholesale replica designer handbags.